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18 - 27 NOVEMBER, 2022

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Bahia is an abundant land covered with long empty beaches and the most diverse forest in the world - the Mata Atlantica. Fresh springs, clean rivers and hidden waterfalls feed the Ocean which brings back rain showers     and breeze. The soil and the nature are nurturing like nowhere else.

It is home to many cultures. Indigenous tribes have been present here for centuries. Portuguese arrived in the year 1500 making Salvador their main port. Bahia became the epicentre of African religions, music and dance.    It’s a real melting-pot that Polarny calls his home nowadays.


It has been carefully curated to foster an authentic connection to the Brazilian culture and nature. Polarny will navigate you through a journey that brings amusement, joy and relaxation.

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Brazil is one of the most diverse cultures of the world and the Bahia state lays at its heart.  Numerous music genres are heard on every corner. People play, dance and connect.


So will you! Welcome to the land of samba, forró and coco. You will learn capoeira and play drums. We will go to community parties, visit local social and art projects.

We are at the Afro-Indigenous people's home.  You will learn about their heritage and beliefs. Our guides and hosts will be delighted to share their knowledge.



Every day we wake up to the sounds of waves. Fruity breakfasts will be awaiting you. We will drink cacao from an ecological farm, you will taste the most delicious chocolate.

You will eat healthy and organic.

You start to understand why we call this land a paradise as you hike into the Mata Atlantica, the most diverse biomass on the planet.
We will dip into waterfalls and paddle bravely in rafting boats. After resting on empty beaches, you will be in full harmony with life.



This is your time to find the new you and get back to your balance. A palette of masseurs and therapist are at service. Relax and rest.


If you feel ready, shamanic ceremonies are awaiting you. The healers will guide you.


Need some move? Take a surfing class or join a Brazilian foot volleyball right on the beach.

We are closing with a community party. Polarny will play global sounds for us. You will go home rested and fully inspired.

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A lively multi-cultural town, Brazil in a nutshell!

We are taking a boat ride on the river towards the golden sunset! We then sing and dance while enjoying tropical drinks. This is your shopping time for colorful designs from local producers and nomadic craftsmen.


Aldeia Setemares is a family-run hotel that sits within tropical gardens at the ocean front.


All bungalows are equipped with one double bed and one single bed.

All rooms come with private bathrooms, mosquito nets, air-conditioning, wi-fi.

Choose between single occupation (paid extra) and double / twin accommodation.

For twin accommodation, please indicate if you are coming with friends or should we allocate you with a fellow traveler.

Be the first and claim the most ocean front cabins!