1 - 17 MARCH, 2022

Come to the heart of Brazil!

Beaches & the jungle, Indians & Quilombos, the sacred medicines, organic & forest foods, Afro-Brazilian rhythms & dance, waterfalls & canyons, colonial architecture and more... 

You will travel into the most diverse culture and nature on the planet. But most of all, you will encounter the new you!

HATCH Adventures are unforgettable! We experience other cultures through meaningful encounters. This guided trip will be full of interactions with local artists, healers, activists and entrepreneurs. You’ll gain insight into the country’s music, art, shamanism and nature.


Mike Polarny is a HATCHER who has serenaded several HATCH events with sounds from a variety of cultures. He produced the HATCH Adventures Cuba in 2020 which left the participants deeply touched and amazed. His connections to the community and the art scene make him your perfect guide into the local culture.



Full of interactions with the locals and into the nature..

Enjoy the best of Bahia & Brazil while getting inspired and healed.



3 nights

Brazil in a nutshell!  A multi-cultural and lively town at the junction of the river and the ocean. You will rest after a long journey in the magical Sage Point right next to the beach. The morning meditation or yoga are optional. In the afternoons we will visit a capoeira school and we will take a boat trip on the river. In the evenings we will be strolling through colorful streets, taste tropical drinks, enjoy Bahia food, listen and dance to samba and forro concerts. You will feel welcome like never before!

IMG_0616 2.jpeg

Serra Grande

5 nights

Time for a full immersion into the nature and healing. We are moving to Balinese-style houses by the ocean. A private restaurant, an eco-friendly swimming pool, a meditation room in a tropical garden. Here we are meeting "the sacred medicines": ayahuasca, kambo, sananga, rapé and... Bufo - the "molecule of God" for those who want to be reborn!


We'll hold a cocoa ceremony, dance ecstatically, sweat in a temazcal. We will walk into the "Mata Atlantica" - the most diverse biosphere in the world. Masseurs, therapists, yogis and plant based chefs will take care of your balance. Meet Polarny's local community - musicians, artists, creatives. You can surf the waves, do paragliding or play foot volleyball.


Chapada Diamantina

6 nights

Explore the breathtaking "diamond plateau". Rocky plains covered with desert vegetation, crisscrossed by spectacular canyons, brown rivers and waterfalls. Miners used to search here for gold and diamonds.


We will stop in two unique towns - the picturesque Lençois and the hippy Vale do Capão. We'll hike to the Cachoeira da Fumaça (second tallest in Brazil), see a magical sunset at Morro do Pai Ignácio, drift in Poço Azul, zip line at Poço do Diabo. The evenings will be filled with delicious foods, folk concerts and parties with locals.


Salvador de Bahia

2 nights

The Gran Final! We're arriving at the first capital of Brazil, founded by the Portuguese in 1549. We are staying in the beautiful post-colonial Pelourinho district from the UNESCO heritage list. It will be time to shop, rest before departure or catch the last breath of the ocean breeze.


A walking tour with a local, a closing dinner and music venues are at stake. You will take your flight well rested and fully inspired.


We select the hotels carefully - here in Brazil usually called pousadas. Their provide comfort and quality, ecological and organic vibe, intimacy for the group. 

We present you with photos from our partners. Most rooms offer twin and triple beds. Couples will be provided with double rooms. Single occupation only for request (very limited).

When booking a trip, let us know your preferences and indicate your friends.


Jon Amiel

If La Tache is the perfect expression of pinot, our Cuban Adventure was the perfect expression of Hatch. The people were of course, as interesting, wildly diverse and unexpectedly compatible as you'd expect from our wily creative alchemists at Hatch. Mike Polarny and his team did a spectacular job of organizing our itinerary. It was full and exhaustive without ever being exhausting. Part of that was Mike's beautiful talent for leading from behind - quietly herding this wayward and individualistic bunch without ever making us feel hassled or harassed. Part of it was the incredible thoughtful way the trip was balanced - great stops at local cafes, time at the beach or at a spa just when one started to feel overloaded, and always wonderful music and dancing to end each day on a high...


Jon Amiel, filmmaker

Mike did a spectacular job (…) It was full and exhaustive without ever being exhausting. Part of that was Mike's beautiful talent for leading from behind.

Bethany Smith, visual artist

Awwwwesome! Seriously had the BEST time!

Jim Porto, photographer

Mike is the best guide, absolutely!

Anna Gilgoff, teacher

Can’t thank you enough for all your kindnesses. What memories!

William Hendrickson

One of the most magical experiences of my entire life!

Evelyn Bishop, healer

The sights, sounds, colors, and texture were beyond my expectations. Mike’s expert knowledge and inside access made the experience seamless.


16 nights in carefully selected hotels

all breakfasts

12 group meals at visited locations

Hatch Labs & special dinners 

meeting an indigenous community

visit to a quilombo

ayahuasca ceremony

kambo ceremony

cacao ceremony

indigenous medicines: rapé, sananga

group meditations

individual massage or agua therapy

temazcal / sweat lodge

Ecstatic Dance class

capoeira experience

drumming class

Afro-Brazilian live bands and folklore concerts

visits to permaculture / eco-villa projects

visit to the Atlantic Forest

boat ride on a river

hikes with guides to waterfalls and canyons

swimming in natural pools

special sunsets at magical locations

access to white-sand beaches

community parties

guided walking tour in Salvador

professional photos from the tour

all group admission tickets

all local transportation

transfers from/to an airport

group leaders & local guides

all organisational costs


flights to/from Brazil (arrival / departure airports vary!)

food and drinks other than mentioned

travel / medical insurance

Covid-19 tests / resignation insurance and similar

additional individual activities (e.g. surfing, paragliding)


We are constantly investing in new music projects with local Afro-Latin artists: creating and licensing music, creating a visual content (graphics, video), hiring musicians and singers, renting music studios, hiring photographers. By traveling with us, you support these activities and all the artists who provide their talent. Thank you!