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On the Brazilian cacao coast of Bahía, where the rhythms of the rainforest intertwine with the beats of the Atlantic Ocean, resides Polarny, a modern-day nomad whose soul is deeply intertwined with tribal and tropical cultures. From the vibrant streets of Warsaw to the lush landscapes of South America, his journey has been a melodic odyssey, guided by a passion for music and a thirst for connection.

As an award-winning DJ and producer, Polarny's sonic voyages transcend borders, weaving together the rich tapestry of Afro-Latin rhythms with the pulsating energy of electronic beats. His track "Trip To Cuba" soared to victory in the esteemed Ninja Tune Records and Dubspot New York contest, catapulting him into the international spotlight.


But Polarny's artistry extends beyond the recording studio; it comes alive on the dance floors of the world's most revered gatherings. From the dusty plains of Burning Man to the ethereal realms of Tribal Gathering Panama, Tropical Burn Brazil or Wibracje Festival in Poland, he orchestrates hypnotic journeys that transport dancers to transcendental heights.

Yet, Polarny's mission extends beyond the realm of entertainment; he is a steward of cultural exchange, a bridge-builder between worlds. Through his Sound Traveler brand, he invites fellow adventurers to embark on transformative expeditions, where the rhythms of life merge with the beats of the earth. Guided by his reverence for indigenous wisdom and sacred medicines, he empowers individuals to rediscover their true essence amidst the chaos of the modern world.

With a background in economics and a flair for creativity, Polarny seamlessly merges his entrepreneurial spirit with his artistic endeavors. Through the Polska Session project, he champions contemporary Polish music on the global stage, forging connections between artists and audiences across continents.


But perhaps, above all, Polarny is a dreamer who believes that in simplicity lies the greatest riches, that in sharing sincere happiness, one can truly change the world. With every beat, every melody, he invites us to join him on a journey of discovery, to explore the depths of our souls and to dance to the rhythm of life itself.

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