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We all love DJs who dance, don’t we? Polarny is one of them!

Still in the womb, Polarny was moving to the beats while his mother danced at parties. As a kid he would spend all his pocket money on cassettes, walkman's, stereos and headphones. Music has been his best friend who gave him many magical moments. As a DJ he creates hypnotizing journeys blending electronic music with global sounds. After becoming a laureate at the first Polish national DJ contest in 2001 he shared stages with Dixon, Coldcut, The Orb, Digitalism, AtJazz, James Blake, Groove Armada, Jose Gonzales, Daniel Bell, Jazzanova and many more. He performed at Burning Man (Robot Heart, Junxion, Shamandome), was a resident DJ for T-Mobile Electronic Beats, became the „Newcomer of the Month” on the legendary Austrian FM4 radio. One of the most travelling "conscious dance" DJ who performed sessions and rituals like Ecstatic Dance, 5Rhythms, Daybreaker, The Get Down, Cacao Ceremony in several countries. He promotes Polish contemporary music in collaboration with embassies.


With 20+ years DJ experience and travelling
the world, Polarny gained extraordinary skills in performing multicultural musical gigs.


From chill-out spaces and Afro-Latin dance floors to deep house clubs and techno festivals. From Burning Man to Cielo New York, from  Tribal Gathering Panama to The Room Shibuya.


Every mix is a new journey!


The world's most travelling DJ for free movement.


Polarny performed in Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, Havana, Bogota, Panama City, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo...

Ecstatic Dance, 5Rhythms, Daybreaker, The Get Down, Sensorama, Movement Is Free... you name it!

Get inspired and move like nobody is watching!


A series of mixes, podcasts and events presenting Polish music.



The contemporary and traditional sounds from Poland perfomored in collaboration with Polish Embassies.

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