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24 MAY - 2 JUNE 2024

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Join Mike Polarny on his pioneering trip to the Acre state in the Brazilian Amazon. He will visit his f and stay at the homes of the Yanawana tribe. Learn about everyday life in the jungle. Immerse yourself with the nature.


Plus you will have enough time in the capital city of Brasilia - with music, foods and landmarks.


has been carefully created for you to re-connect with your body, mind and soul. Ania and Mike will guide you to places that bring inspiration, transformation and joy.

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With 5 days in the forest, you will have plenty of time. Learn about the plants and trees. Go hunt or fish with the community. Sleep and wake up to the sounds of the jungle.

This is your time to restart, reconnect, revise. Travel outward and inward to discover the new you. Understand the importance of the forest - the lungs of the planet.

We are here to learn from the Mother Nature. And there is no better place on the planet to understand the complexity and richness of the fauna & flora.

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The program is filled with activities around the local culture: traditions, celebrations, ceremonies, art and food.

Meet the 91-old grandfather João, Tiima Shãwahu, the eldest "pajé" (shaman) of the whole Yanawana tribe. After finishing his Muka Samakai, the highest spiritual diet of his tradition, he dedicated his life to study an amazon jungle to cure and treat illnesses. His current mission is to promote the ancestral knowledge and the use of his language between the young Yanawanas.

His grandson Txana Pexa will be our host whom we help in building his new side village.



In the jungle, everything can be a cure (or a poison). The Indigenous people of the Amazon have an extended knowledge about the nature cures and remedies.

This is your opportunity to participate in traditional ceremonies: ayahuasca, kambo, a herbal or a mud bath. Meanwhile, we will eat the organic foods of the Amazon.


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The capital of Brazil and the cultural hotspot in the middle of the country. Designed and built in the 1960s, the city features wide and open spaces, natural parks and a big lake. It is full of architectural landmarks and innovations. It is also a political melting pot, especially around the Indigenous people's rights. A must-visit on the way to the Amazon.



Welcome to the world of Selina with its 110 destinations worldwide. Polarny is friends with the brand from its early beginnings in 2014.
Our partnership will bring you the best of its art & social vibe in Rio.

In Bahia, our ecological hotel sits within tropical gardens at the ocean front. Balinese chalets will help you connect with the nature. Sun terraces, natural pool, on-site bar, wooden floor yoga studio are at our disposal.

The tour features shared accommodations: twin rooms at Selina Rio, chalets in Bahia. You can upgrade to private double rooms or single occupation. Rooms come with A/C & Wi-Fi. Plus mosquito nets in Bahia.